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Concurso Nacional de Diseño NABA en Uruguay

FAD Connection and MOWEEK present the National Design Contest NABA in Uruguay aiming to support national design through education and media exposure press and local broadcasting.

The contest is open to apparel design students. They must be Uruguayan or legal citizens residing in the country. It is a requirement to know English and be enrolled in a national school or university or have completed studies a year ago or less.

The designer/designers must select a garment of their authorship and create a video of maximum of 2 minutes presenting the product, the inspiration and exposing its future projection as designer. In addition, you must send by email to a single document that includes:
– Participant’s name and surname, identity document, contact telephone number, email contact, video download link.
– Schooling or University Diploma / National School / Letter of Educational Institution Endorsement.
– Photocopy of ID.

A 2-week summer course at Nouva Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan in July 2022. (The award does not include travel expenses, airfare, accommodation).

Deadline: December 3rd

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For further information please contact FAD Connection