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Provider: Federica Levrero, Fashion, Art & Design Education Consultant

Specialist: Federica Levrero

What is your main professional goal? Do you know how to get there? And what do you need to get there? These are some of the questions you will answer in this package of three sessions that combines coaching and education mentoring techniques.

Price: US$ 250


Full description

This is a package of 3 sessions that combines coaching and mentoring techniques, to help you define correctly your goal, pull out the value behind it, understand the purpose and find the correct tools to achieve it.

Coaching Session 1 _ Set the goal. What is your main objective, how is it defined? To get where you want to go, you need to know where to go first. At the end of this session you will receive our “objective definition personal questionnaire”. You will need to send it back before your next coaching session.

Coaching Session 2 _ Personal map. You know where you want to go. How are you going to get there? What are your top skills and abilities? Which are your transferable skills? How can you serve others when you achieve your goal? At the end of this session you will receive an exercise to build your Personal Brand Canvas that needs to be send back before your next session.

Mentoring Session 1 _Top up your skills. At this point you know your goal and you know what you have to give. Now, what are the extra skills you need to develop or gain? During this session, your coach will give you feedback based on your personal analysis and objectives.


Purpose, Passions, Skills, Map of life, North Star.


A well-defined goal will help you to focus on it, gain confidence and coherence between profession, life and values.

Who is the service for?

Anyone interested in defining their goals and finding out courses available to top up your skills.

Languages available: English / Spanish

The method

Once you purchase your service you will be contacted by the provider to book your first appointment. The first appointment can be arranged anytime within a maximum of 10 working days from the purchase date.

Please note

The outcome will depend on how much you know about yourself and how much you have explored the areas we are covering. It may take more than 3 sessions to achieve.

Specialist Description

Federica Levrero was born in Uruguay with a DNA signed by the cultural diversity of her French, German, Italian and Spanish roots, which are the base of her constant professional quest to promote cultural exchange and diversity. Federica studied Business Administration in ORT University in Uruguay and in 2003, she moves to Los Angeles to study Marketing and Advertising at UCLA. After that, she immersed in her family business in the travel industry where for 8 years, she explores different forms of tourism until 2012 she decides to specialize in travel for education exclusively. Since then, she has been an education consultant specialized in the areas of fashion, art and design. These are the foundations of her professional career that leads her to FAD Connection.

Specific Materials

Paper and pen to take notes during the online sessions.

Available dates


Package includes

3 online sessions of 60 minutes each.

Refund Policy

If you are not able to arrange a meeting within 10 working days from the purchase date, you are entitled to full refund. If you want to cancel anytime in-between sessions you are entitled to a refund of the pending sessions.