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Luxury management: Building the Dream Factor

Provider: Díada Studio Boutique

Specialist: Gisel Block

The main goal of this master session is to address any query from a creative and strategic approach. The proposal is to clarify doubts, motivate and inspire leaders and managers of high-end brands whether they are well-positioned in the market or just emerging.

Price: US$ 120


Full description

You will first receive a short questionnaire by email, which must be completed in order for the advisors to make an integrated assessment and tailor the master session accordingly. A virtual meeting will follow to have the opportunity to ask specific questions about your brand/project. The purpose of this session is for you to receive professional advice and guidance from the specialist through a constructive discussion, thereby adding a distinctive value to your project. The methodology is based on academic knowledge and assesses the client's implementation capacity.


Brand identity, management and leadership, communication and marketing strategies.


This is a unique consulting session that offers innovative and strategic solutions that suit the features of the regional market.

Who is the service for?

Emerging brands and designers, strategic and creative directors of luxury houses.

Languages available: English / Spanish

The method

We will first receive the questionnaire and then the specialists will contact you to schedule the virtual meeting.

Please note

The client is expected to have a background in branding and communication. The brand or project should be oriented to fashion, luxury or beauty.

Specialist Description

Gisel Block: curious and passionate, she explores and learns about creative disciplines and incorporates innovative tools, which enable her to exploit her full strategic potential. Having completed degrees both local and abroad, her expertise contributes to building brands with purpose. She designs and plans strategies that empower businesses.


Specific Materials

Sheets of paper and pen or any other means to take notes during the live session.

Available dates


Package includes

Questionnaire and virtual meeting

Refund Policy

Cancellation Cost: 50% if cancelled one week before it starts.