Augusta Adriasola

University & City

IED Spain, Barcelona


Fashion Management



Profession & Occupation

PR & Communications

Short Bio

I won a scholarship at IED in the middle of the pandemic. At the beginning I thought it wasn’t going to happen but finally, in early 2021 with a lot of uncertainty I was able to move back to Barcelona after several years back in Uruguay. During the master, I did a project for a local shoe company that sells internationally and ended up being hired by them. Currently, I’m still working for the company handling the international press & influencers relationships as well as several other marketing areas. I’m passionate about education and cultures, this is why moving abroad has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I know how scary and exciting it is, but it all pays off at the end. Meeting people you wouldn’t normally meet, experiencing things completely out of your comfort zone and learning every step of the way makes it all worth it.