March 7th, 2024

BAFWEEK Scholarship 7th Edition

For 14 years, FAD Connection has been rewarding Argentine talent with scholarships to renowned Istituto Marangoni to study fashion, art, or design.

In March 2024, FAD and Istituto Marangoni proudly presented the seventh edition of the National Design Competition at BAFWEEK. Agostina Hidalgo (Agoshida) and Milagros Muñoz (Demiracolo), finalists of Autores de Moda, showcased their visionary designs to an exclusive jury comprising Sol Abadi (@solabadi), Rocio Vazquez (@sereinne), and Federica Levrero (@federicalevrero).

Agostina Hidalgo, a Buenos Aires University (UBA) designer, crafted her collection inspired by nocturnal terrors and the realm of dreams. Her brand boasts a strong artisanal essence, employing a diverse array of textiles and textures.

Demiracolo, with its strong Italo-Argentinian imprint, presents a playful and nostalgic essence, offering modern and timeless silhouettes through geometric figures. This collection drew inspiration from Italian pasta, evoking childhood memories for the designer.

The scholarship was awarded to Agoshida, granting them a 100% scholarship for either the Fashion Image & Styling or Fashion Business short course at Istituto Marangoni Milano. Joining the Istituto Marangoni community provides Argentine talent with an unparalleled opportunity to thrive and excel in the global fashion landscape.

For further information please contact FAD Connection