April 19th, 2022

Beauty Education: The success factor in Fashion


By Florencia Barreiros 

If we google History of the cosmetic industry, we will find a series of writings that recount the origin of the beauty spectrum. When we finish reading the information, we will be able to elucidate that the key of the beauty industry is, from its conception, to detect transforming signs of the future. For that, it is essential to educate yourself in the field.


Last September, the duo Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons presented their spring-summer 2022 collection through two simultaneous shows: one based in Milano, the other one in Shanghai. The interesting thing about the staging is the makeup. Pat McGrath, one of the mythical make-up artists in the world, enabled in Prada the interstice between what is real and what is virtual. According to a WGSN report, “The tech-glam aesthetic ensures the wearer stands out on screen as well as in real life.” McGrath effectively brings this concept to life through pearlescent skin finishes (resembling hyper-realistic fur) and subtle iridescent details.

Professional Makeup Courses to create authentic fashion images:

The Complete Makeup Artist Short Course – London College of Fashion

Know the basics of makeup application to create different looks; from editorial and couture makeup to special effects, body painting and HD makeup.

BA in Hair and Make Up For Fashion – London College of Fashion

Acquire practical makeup and hair design skills for fashion. Creation, innovation and development of its application to a range of versatile products.


The beauty industry is one of the most economically relevant sectors, which means that brands are constantly looking to identify emerging approaches in the area. For example, according to Vogue Business, it highlights a “new emphasis on niche and perhaps unglamorous health topics, including dental care, hair loss and sensitive skin.” These processes of change are linked, without further ado, with the demanding reconceptualization of beauty by consumers and, consequently, the reconversion by corporations to respond satisfactorily to said demands.

Another great challenge in the beauty industry is the development of sustainable products. This happens because the growing concern of the users, demands brands to be responsible and propose concrete actions to reduce the environmental impact.

Taking illustrious Maison Guerlain as an example, it explored ways to reduce waste starting with the development of Aqua Allegoria, a line of fragrances composed of organic alcohol made from beets that also uses regenerative agriculture, refillable containers in recycled glass bottles and adequate working conditions for those involved in the supply chain.

Courses to become a Fashion Beauty Professional:

BA in Beauty and Fragrance Business – Savannah College of Art and Design

Find your niche within boutique and global brands, with in-depth knowledge of aesthetics, style, cosmetics, fragrances and embellishments.

BA in Fashion Business – Istituto Marangoni

Analyze the fashion scenario in its entirety spectrum to achieve business objectives with a tactical and entrepreneurial spirit.

Master in Sustainable Design and Social Impact – IED Spain

Treat sustainability from its conceptualization to design, development of new products and services that generate a positive impact on the environment.


The incorporation of technology into the field is so relevant that the opening of digital spaces denotes how the notion of beauty becomes, little by little, imperative reproducers of unique and hyper-personalized experiences that dialogue with simplistic categories.

Digital tools fit nicely into this framework, as evidenced by the beauty startup Skin Match: Artificial intelligence was applied to develop a foundation tone finder that covers 112 skin tones and uses cross-brand matching. Moreover, Yulie Kwon Kim, vice president of product at Meta, points out that “beauty product brands have been some of the first to adopt the augmented reality test.”

Digital Fashion courses available:

Master in Digital Design applied to Fashion – IED Spain

Create immersive experiences that blur the boundaries between the physical and the virtual. Digital clothing, models and virtual catwalks. Fashion designers and digital creators.

The Complete Special Effects Makeup for Film and TV Short Course – London College of Fashion

Delve into the creation of makeup designs through the use of special effects and their infinite applicability in both film and television.

BA in Creative Technologies – Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti

Integrate the most innovative digital techniques to the field of beauty. The design of virtual reality experiences, visual effects and even artificial intelligence and virtual production.


It is a fact that the beauty industry is characterized by its incessant progress and inventions, and that the role of education in the sector is a key factor for success. That is why at FAD Connection we want to help you find the program that best suits your interests and goals.

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