November 9th, 2022

Billboard’s Top Music Business Schools

On October 11th 2022, Billboard, an American magazine known for specializing in the music industry, presented its Top Music Business Schools list. Schools are chosen based on industry recommendations, alumni data, information requested from each school and reports on these programs that Billboard has been doing for nearly a decade. BIMM University, one of our partner universities, is part of this prestigious list of international schools, being defined as “The largest provider of contemporary music education in Europe”.

The music industry has good reason to take the graduates and advanced students of these programs very seriously. These are young men and women running all aspects of on-campus record labels, crafting career-launching business plans and engaging in data analysis. Students of these institutions are currently developing the future of the industry, both artists and executives alike.

If you want to enter the music world, this is your must read ranking! Click here to read the full article. 

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