May 25th, 2022

Central Saint Martins: Voices of the City

This conference and discussion, looked at how voices can be used to communicate, understand and challenge contemporary urban practices, spatial ideas and practices. Led by Diana Ibáñez López and Alex Warnock-Smith, professors in the MA Cities program at Central Saint Martins, this talk explored the pedagogical experiments, collaborative work and dialogues transnational events that take place in the MA Cities course. Within this meeting, we explored case studies and projects focused on the theme ‘Voices of the city’.

Diana and Alex discussed how radio can be used as a vehicle for transnational conversations and how this formed the basis for students and professionals to engage in conversations about social, climate and political justice within the urban environment. These dialogues addressed, expressed and countered the challenges facing cities today, as well as exploring the tensions between the local, the city and the global, also considering the different forms of voice mobility at these scales.

About Diana Ibañez Lopez

Before leading the MA Cities course, Diana served as a senior curator and temporary artistic co-director at Create, an artistic organization dedicated to collaborative projects benefiting society. In 2021, she co-curated projects commemorating the centenary of Becontree Estate, led Talking Planning in Brent, co-curated an exhibition at RIBA, among other achievements. Diana has taught architecture and urbanism at various institutions and worked at MVRDV in Rotterdam, among other experiences.

About Alex Warnock-Smith

Architect and urban planner, educated at the University of Cambridge and the Architectural Association, Alex has worked at leading UK studios, taught globally, and spoken internationally on architecture, urbanism, social justice, and current issues. Formerly a professor at the Architectural Association Graduate School and a fellow at the University of Cambridge, he is the founding director of Urban Projects Bureau, specializing in multidisciplinary design, research, and collaboration with international NGOs. Additionally, he is a writer with publications in Architectural Review, Guardian Cities, The Times, and Blueprint.

About MA Cities

The course focuses on critically addressing spatial production amid environmental, political, and societal crises. Embracing disruption and experimentation, it combines Central Saint Martins’ culture with academic rigor for innovative and applicable outcomes. The interdisciplinary approach appeals to architects, planners, artists, and professionals seeking a broadened discourse and international network in urban design and policy.

About Central Saint Martins

Renowned arts and design college in London that unites diverse creative practices. Students drive ideas and actions for a better future, addressing global challenges with hope, uncertainty, compassion, and vision. The community collaborates locally and globally to transform lives through creative action, believing in the power of art, design, and performance for meaningful change.

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