March 2nd, 2023

Design of methodologies for new economies

“Design methodologies for new economies: How design can shape more sustainable businesses?” A virtual webinar that explained the academic proposal and new scholarships available at Domus Academy, as well as information about the Circular Design Thinking methodology co-designed by Giselle Della Mea, founder of 3Vectores, the first B Company in Uruguay.

About the tutor:

Giselle Della Mea: Designer, graduated from ORT Uruguay University, she has a Master in Business Design from Domus Academy Milano. Giselle is the founder of 3Vectores, the first B Company in Uruguay, and co-founder of innodriven, a brand of methodologies for new economies and citizen activism.

Della Mea was selected by The Economist as a “Changemaker”, a creative who has the potential to become an influential figure in the coming decades and is planting seeds of change in the public and private sectors. In addition, she recently received the “Creativity and Innovation 2022” award from ORT Uruguay University for her great socio-environmental responsibility and ability to inspire, spread and multiply the paradigm shift towards the new economies.

Mónica Rodriguez: Admissions coordinator for Domus Academy Milano for Latin America. Domus Academy, founded in Milan in 1982, is a postgraduate design school with a revolutionary curriculum project-based on the experience of Italian design and fashion. The combination of accredited courses and projects with real life professionals give students the opportunity to build a solid academic background and work experience.

Aimed at: all those who are interested in design and business, as well as students who want more information about the academic offer and scholarships available at Domus Academy.


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