October 12th, 2022

Develop your Portfolio in Buenos Aires

A portfolio is a visual presentation of a creative work. It involves telling a story, your story. This portfolio design workshop shows the tools and strategies needed to tell your story in a visual format and reflect your interests, skills, aspirations, processes, planning ideas and use of materials.

About Analía Sirabonian:

Analía Sirabonian is an Artist, Portfolio advisor and Photographer. Analía’s works investigate the human body and its relationship with the world, from its morphology and skin to its anthropological nature, materializing in a trans-disciplinary way and in various formats. In 2011 she finished a Fashion Design degree at the University of Buenos Aires and in 2016 she completed a Masters in Visual Arts at Plymouth University. She is a professor at the San Andrés University, a theoretical professor at the University of Buenos Aires and a private tutor for the monitoring and development of portfolios to apply to foreign Visual Arts Universities. Since 2012 she has exhibited her works in different cities around the world and she is the founder of Elephanto Studio, where she currently works as a photographer and art director.

About Federica Levrero:

Federica Levrero was born in Uruguay with a DNA marked by the cultural diversity of her French, German, Italian and Spanish roots, which are the basis of her constant professional search to promote exchange and cultural diversity. Federica studied Business Administration at the ORT University in Uruguay and in 2003 she moved to Los Angeles to study Marketing and Advertising at UCLA. She worked for 8 years in the family business in the area of tourism and in 2012 she decided to specialize in educational travel exclusively. Since then, she does educational consulting in the areas of fashion, art and design. These are the foundations that led her to create FAD Connection.

Topics of the talk:

You will have the tools and the step-by-step strategy to put together a portfolio that reflects your experience, work and identity. We will investigate: what is a personal portfolio?, intention, objective, medium, platform, collection of material, selection and curatorship, visual storytelling, data & contact, portfolio samples. Create your own visual narrative.

Aimed at: Students of all visual arts who want to put together a portfolio to present to a university to enter a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Important Data: 

Date: October 12th

Time: 13:30hs

Place: Centro Cultural Recoleta – Junín 1930, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For further information please contact FAD Connection ask@fadconnection.com