October 19th, 2022

Multimedia Art Exhibition by Istituto Marangoni Firenze Alumni

Everywhere, Here, Nowhere is an exhibition of digital and multimedia art where international artists who have graduated from the Multimedia Art and Art Curation program present their work at Magma Futura (Montevideo) from October 19th to October 25th, 2022. It’s a multisensory experience of VR + AR + Metaverse + Immersive Space together with Camila Galfione who interviewed the french artist Lea Colombier about her ARTEFACT project and Carolina Gestri, italian professor of the Curatorial career at Istituto Marangoni Firenze.

Immersive experience in the NAVE

All the artworks in Everywhere, Here, Nowhere are strictly linked to our use of technology and invite the audience to reflect on our relationship with it in different digital, physical and vital spaces, the cosmos, our bedroom, our mind and our body.

LÉA COLOMBIER, ARTEFACT, 2019. SINGLE CHANNEL, COLOR AND SOUND VIDEO, 4’48’’ Project selected for MOCDA Summer Show 2022 (Museum of Contemporary Digital Art).

Léa Colombier (1996, Clermont-Ferrand) is a French visual artist who lives and works between Paris and Florence. The practice of it is developed mainly in the field of digital art. She studied theater, classical literature and graduated in photography at the Speos Institute in Paris, where she was exhibited in the group show during the first week at Les rencontres d’Arles, France. She graduated in 2021 in Multimedia Arts at the Istituto Marangoni in Florence, where she was exhibited at La Manifattura Tabacchi for the final exhibition. In 2022, she was selected for the MOCDA Digital summer program and for the third edition of ReA! Milan Art Fair.

Léa ella explores fictional, post-apocalyptic worlds that lie somewhere between the study of ethnography and science fiction. To do this, she uses video, image, collage, sound, text and soundscape, created with DV technology, to talk about the near future, evoking the past. Mixing the influences of the anticipatory novel and the notion of the archive, her works are presented as hybrid and poetic science fiction experiments that question our relationship with possible terrestrial futures.


Particles that dance in the void take viewers on a wonderful journey to the night of San Lorenzo. An Italian celebration of a night of shooting stars occurs on August 10, where people gather in outdoor spaces to sit, celebrate life and wish upon the stars. A spectacle of reality as a wheel of a perpetual machine that keeps turning without stopping.


The immersive video captures the architectural beauty of the human body, focusing only on its back. Inspired by a back accident suffered by the artist, the piece uses 3D software to create an MRI-like effect that invites the viewer to look at the back separated from the body and focus on its aesthetic composition. The color palette and sound design of the piece further remove the subject from its usual context.

Virtual Reality in Magma Futura


The Brightest Color is a VR translation of the synesthesia experienced by the artist, a person with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), when listening to Arabesque No. 1 by Claude Debussy. The work invites the public to put themselves in the shoes of a person inside Spectrum using the VR headset to share the sublime moments.

Augmented Reality in the alley Magma Futura & Oriundo

AR you mixing the city? Digital exhibition of artists from Istituto Marangoni who use the physical world through the digital lens of Augmented Reality. Explore the digital sculptures of the Callejón de Oriundo and Magma Futura through AR filters on Instagram. (exhibition designed to be screened in traditional locations in Florence, Italy, adapted to Montevideo, Uruguay)

Abraham Yael Pérez Mosqueda

Multimedia artist Abraham Yael Pérez Mosqueda was inspired by this continuous wheel of time. The artist extracted the textural elements of his digital work from the materials that make up the facade of the building and the plaza, including bricks and marble sculptures.

Emma Maggiani

Multimedia artist Emma Maggiani has based her work on the conflicting yet fascinating relationship between human beings and nature. It considers that the greenhouse system is not only a symbol of human control – since it ensures growth regardless of the seasons – and establishes a non-existent classification, labeling and prioritizing plants useful for commercial purposes, such as ornamental plants, and excluding plants and toxic and dangerous bacteria.

Flaminia Mattioli

With her AR sculpture, multimedia artist Flaminia Mattioli materialized the station’s resurrection like a mighty phoenix, restoring it to its former glory in the eyes of society. She shows how space used to be and how it has exploded into the unique place it is now. What was once meant to welcome people to the city is now an entry point for ideas, projects and creativity. Past and present are combined into a new landscape for the viewer to explore.

Francesco Agazio

Francesco Agazio chose this façade as his favorite setting to evoke the relationship between the Gothic style of the church and the fashionable events that have filled its spaces in recent years. Agazio created a cube as a work of art for Orsanmichele, inspired by Gareth Pugh’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection presented the same year in that church, unveiled on that occasion with a huge silver cube on the first floor.

Girija Jhalani

Girija Jhalani decided to use this poetic trait by placing the figures in the middle of the station, between the departure and arrival boards, the travelers and the chaotic nature of Santa Maria Novella. The artist uses her creation to blur the lines between reality and illusion, hoping to create a balance between the mundane but busy activity of the station and the reality of her work, where two painted figures represent their meeting again and again.

Jessica Garcia

The inspiration behind Jessica Garcia‘s project is rooted in elements that shaped her childhood. In this case, they are the small wooden figurines called alebrijes that she collected as a child. Alebrijes are unique imaginary sculptures of Mexican folk art. They combine body parts of various animals, usually including elements of dragons with fangs, wings, and claws. Therefore, her project is a fusion of her cultural heritage, a treasured memory of her childhood and her encounter with a specific corner of historical Florence.

Sofie Engelschiøn

Multimedia Arts student Sofie Engelschiøn decided to operate her sensibility in the midst of gardens through a series of digital bodies, transparent sculptures constructed to resemble soap bubbles. These impossible but real objects take shape by interacting with and reflecting their surroundings. Viewers can appreciate its delicate and vibrant colors reflected in the light, its shapes inspired by human figures, and its vital and graceful movements that fluctuate in the wind. Chosen by the artist as an outstanding example of a Florentine garden, Giardino di Boboli embodies the essence of a place of rest and reflection, where one can meet oneself and others and renew links with nature.

Lea Colombier, Noemi Messina, Adan, Amane Aoyama, Abraham Yael Perez, Emma Maggiani, Flaminia Mattioli, Francesco Agazio, Girija Jhalani, Jessica Garcia, Sofia Engelschion are Multimedia Arts undergraduate students and graduates of Istituto Marangoni Firenze.

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