14 October 2020

Fashion business professions and the impact of digital technologies

Webinar by Fiorenza Sarotto, Programme leader at Istituto Marangoni Milano.

14th October, 2020. Ilse Jara, Fashion Designer and Istituto Ambassador in Paraguay presented the masterclass of Fiorenza Sarotto. The Fashion system is not only an important application field of human genius and creativity but a high calibre business industry, in terms of production, commercialization and communication. The great development of the last years, due to emerging economies and retail growth, is involving historical Brands in the luxury segment as well as new realities from e-commerce and fast fashion. 

The lecture will offered an overview of the type of companies operating in the global Fashion industry, the most recent changes in the pandemic time and the existing career paths.

If you missed the 2 hour masterclass: View

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