Istituto Marangoni Alumni projects
June 2nd, 2023

How do we prepare for the future jobs?

According to the latest World Economic Forum Report, 44 % of jobs will be disrupted in the next 4 to 5 years. The rise of AI and Green transition is already transforming the way we work.
How do we train the intangible skills? Where do we find this trainings? Which is the rol of creativity in this new world scenario?  Download full report here.  Remember, preparing for future jobs is an ongoing process. Stay adaptable, curious, and willing to embrace new opportunities to ensure your skills remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Interested in creative careers? Fashion, Art, Design, Film, Music, Acting or Photography… Book your vocational session: Design your Future, a 20 to 40 minute workshop aimed at students curious about creativity. Directed by Federica Levrero, coach, vocational education advisor and founder of FAD Connection.

The topics:

– Why creativity is so important for personal and professional development

– What are the jobs of the future

– How Artificial Intelligence and digitalization are changing academic programs and how universities are adapting

– What are the different pathways that can be taken (type of courses, duration, available programs)

– Where can you study (differences between top international universities)

– Application process (How to put together a portfolio, personal statement or any document required to apply to a creative university)

– Next Steps: What are the next steps to apply and develop your skills

For further information please contact FAD Connection