July 21st, 2022

It’s never too early to start your career in fashion, art or design

By Florencia De Maio

Nowadays, more than ever, the future is full of new opportunities and mega-innovative careers to explore. The earlier we develop our passion, the better we can understand what careers the fashion, art and design industry has to offer. Therefore, the summer and winter camps are aimed at students between 14 and 18 years old who are planning their academic future and want to have an experience of one or two weeks abroad to explore their different areas of personal interest.

The Youth Summer & Winter Camps typically start in July and January of each year, taking into account school holidays. They are not only an excellent opportunity to learn about the existence of different professional creative careers and learn valuable tools for the future; but also an interesting exchange experience: discovering new cultures and learning from them, bonding with students from other countries, improving a language or learning a new one…

In New York or Los Angeles: 

The prestigious New York Film Academy offers an environment like no other in which students develop through a primarily hands-on education. The university specializes in, on the one hand, performing arts, with courses such as acting in front of camera and musical theater; and, on the other hand, digital visual arts, with courses such as filmmaking, 3D animation and game design. Camps for teens last from one to six weeks.

Furthermore, for teens who love all aspects of fashion and dream of living in New York City… the 2-week Fashion Experience in West Coast Connection gives participants exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the world of fashion. From learning how to forecast fashion trends and working with a celebrity stylist, to directing an editorial photoshoot, students get inspired as they capitalize on the opportunity to network with notable executives, designers and artists. 

In Miami: 

Istituto Marangoni Miami Fashion Summer Camp is designed specifically for high school students who are into the world of fashion and want to discover what kind of career within the industry they would like to pursue in the future. Students learn about the various roles involved in the fashion industry; have an insight into magazines, photoshoots and trend forecasting; discover the digital side of the system, how to design collections, and how to manage their creativity. All in all, the two-week course goes through the three most important areas of fashion: Fashion Design, Fashion Styling and Fashion Business, culminating in a mini-runway show.

Valeria Gutierrez Experience: “Studying at Marangoni was a dream for me, and being able to make it a reality was amazing. I want to study fashion design in college, and this program helped me realize how I can use my creativity to create very inspiring and cool things.” 

In Milano: 

Istituto Marangoni Milano short summer and winter courses focus on personal enrichment and enjoyment aimed at young aspiring creatives. In the Fashion Design 1-week Course participants confront key aspects in the conception of a fashion design collection and the work of trend and style research. Whereas in the Style Yourself 3-week Course, participants reveal their own unique fashion style via a real fashion journey, discovering what goes on behind the camera in fashion editorials and celebrity styling projects, as well as understanding the power and influence that fashion has in all areas of our lives. 

In London: 

University of the Arts London offers many courses for teenangers that provide the chance to build a strong foundation in their selected area, discover their passion, help them grow skills and build a portfolio ready for further study. There are several subjects to explore, including: architecture, graphic design, contemporary art, fashion design and styling, digital media, illustration, special effects makeup, and photography.

Jake Scott Experience: “The course was very inspirational and I am proud of the progress I made. I chose Fine Art as I wanted to develop my art further and study at a prestigious school such as Chelsea College of Arts. It was also appealing to work alongside other like-minded young creatives.”

Starting a career in fashion can be daunting, but with the right skills, positive mindset and creativity; a career in fashion is more accessible than we think. If students are looking to understand what careers and opportunities the fashion industry has to offer, London College of Fashion’s 1-week Course Introduction to the Fashion Industry is the perfect choice! 

In Madrid: 

IED‘s summer courses are specifically designed for young people who want to develop their creative skills while living in a creative school in the center of Madrid. The 2-week Global Design course is a space for experimenting, learning and exploring what design is, opening up the doors to the four areas of design: Fashion, using creativity to design a garment or accessory; Product, producing objects using prototyping techniques; Interior, creating experiences and decorating spaces; and Graphic, building worlds with text and image. 

Are you a teenager who loves creativity and would like to start a career in fashion, art or design? We are firm believers that it is never too early to start! So you are thinking, what if I don’t know what creative area I am best suited to? Well, studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to discover the academic and professional world while discovering yourself as a person. 

Take the opportunity to travel while studying, gaining lots of experience, skills, creativity, confidence and, above all, making great memories. In a world of endless possibilities, FAD is here to accompany you along the way.

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