June 18th, 2022

Santiago London College of Fashion Tour

During June 14th to June 21th 2022, FAD Connection presented London College of Fashion for the first time, with a tour in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, led by the professor specialized in fashion and textile studies, Karen Heard (UK).

The Fashion Seminar “Fashion as a tool for change”offered insights from the world of fashion in the current context of great changes, investigating the emerging and fluctuating approaches of the fashion industry. The main objectives were to inform, inspire and offer tools that have the potential to positively change fashion now and in the future.

The workshop Mapping Creativity was based on the discovery of new ways of thinking and experiencing an idea from individually chosen maps. The idea of “unknown journeys and journeys” was explored. The incidental, the accidental, the unexpected, the unplanned, the less ordinary… The workshop focused on the creative design process, beginning with individually selected maps and working through creative tasks to develop relevant ideas to participants’ interests.

Portfolio Building was a creative workshop focused on the principles of portfolio development. The main objective was to encourage participants to reveal their own identity, skills and history in order to build a body of work that shows their potential in an original and exciting way. The attention of the workshop was focused on the narration of the personal story of each participant, which was revealed through questions such as: Who are you? What does your work say about you?


In addition, Advisory Sessions were given: one to one session with Karen Heard, aimed especially at students in the process of applying to the University of the Arts London.

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