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May 18th, 2023

The Mystery School

The Mystery School is an online course for creatives delivered by Father Bronques, creator of Make Art Not Content Podcast.

The course is based on 6 books:

The book of Transformation: The art of Discipline

The book of Mental Health: The cure for overthinking

The book of Dares: Making your life a work of art

The book of Purpose: What´s your message?

The book of Influence: Art VS Fame

The book of Money: Business Art

Where to start?

Listen to the podcast HERE

If you like it…

Enroll to the online Mystery School Course HERE (you can book lifetime access for USD 195 or pay per month USD 10 and cancel anytime).

If you still think you cannot commit to the course by yourself, or wish to share your journey with others or you need an extra push, sign up for a group 21-day journey facilitated by Federica Levrero, student advisor, coach and FAD Connection founder.

Next group starts: 5th June 2023 till 26th June 2023

All Fridays, from 10.30am to 11.30am (arg time)

Enroll now and stop procrastinating 🙂

For further information please contact FAD Connection