Photo via: UAL BA Fine Art Degree Show
April 27th, 2023

What Art Does for Your Brain

Jill Suttie is a staff writer and contributing editor for Greater Good Science Center Magazine. In a recent article, she talks about a new book that explores how making and appreciating art makes you happier and healthier.

“We are drawn to experiencing art, because doing so lights up the pleasure centers of our brains, creating a warm feeling that encourages us to want more of the same—much the way our brains respond to fulfilling basic needs, like food.

When you experience virtual reality, read poetry or fiction, see a film or listen to a piece of music, or move your body to dance, to name a few of the many arts, you are biologically changed,” write Magsamen and Ross. “There is a neurochemical exchange that can lead to what Aristotle called catharsis, or a release of emotion that leaves you feeling more connected to yourself and others.”

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