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  • Define

    What is your main professional goal? Do you know how to get there? And what do you need to get there? These are some of the questions you will answer in this package of three sessions that combines coaching and education mentoring techniques.

  • Design your study path

    Choosing the right university, is an investment for your future. With so many options, the process can get a bit tricky, but with this service you will find the educational counselling you need in order to find the perfect choice for your goals.

  • Develop your portfolio

    Whether you want to apply to university or want to get your creative work together, this service will help you understand the basic tips and strategies on portfolio building, but most of all, it will be personalized for you.

  • How to ask for Reference Letters?

    Find out how to request a reference letter to apply to a creative university, a formal presentation from a qualified third party that can validate your career.

  • How to build a CV that shows your potential?

    A CV is your presentation card to the professional world, so creating the perfect one is necessary in order to apply for a university or your dream job. In this workshop you will learn the techniques to create a CV that highlights your professional features.

  • Your Personal Brand Book

    How are you showing your knowledge, your experience, your joys and interests to the world? Whether it is to apply to a university, get a job or launch a project, it is important to have a visual presence aligned with your goals and values.