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General counselling for sustainable fashion projects

Provider: IMÁN - Concentrador

Specialist: Romina Cardillo, Lucía Chain & Pía Rey

We aim to support and guide your sustainable project by general counseling meetings that will help you improve the development and communication of your collections and your brand. These meetings are destined to both early stage and consolidated projects.

Price: US$ 312


Full description

This program includes 3 meetings where we will approach different subjects regarding the construction of a sustainable collection or a brand. We will be analyzing the brand’s main structure, product design and development, and visual communication of the label’s message, focusing on the key points that make a brand sustainable. Within the pillars of Production, Communication and Business, we propose to enhance your creative capacity in the search for solutions and business strategies with a sustainable approach.

The key points we’ll be working on each meeting to develop a sustainable label are the following:

Product Bases:
Goals, objectives, motivation.
Development of a key product.
Productive methods.
Collection Set Up.

Communication Bases:
Communication Analysis.
Brand’s image composition and structure.
Building up a Portfolio.
How to communicate your message.
Diffusion strategies.

Label’s Positioning Strategies:
How to prepare for international markets.
Showroom, showcases, contest presentations.

Services Reviews :

Valentina Schuchner - Owner of Valentinna
“This advisory sessions gave me the opportunity of having direct feedback from two renowned designers of the Argentinian industry, who have a vast experience in the design industry like production, distribution, branding, communication, marketing focused on sustainable development.
The follow up sessions were of great guidance and meant a lot to me. It is fundamental to have an outsiders view to fully understand how my label is perceived. The best of these sessions was the involvement, dedication and hard work they Romina and Lucia had, to fully understand my background and label’s values, helping me to take my ideas into a new level by staying true to my ideas.”

Milagros Pereda
“The advisory sessions of IMAN gave me the final push I was needing. Romina and Lucia made me feel, see and believe where I could take my label and how to make it. It was really inspiring to be in touch with someone who has already been in your shoes, and see what they could accomplish, particularly in the area of sustainability and environmentalism.
I believe that more than tools, they lend me a hand and opened a new path. Though my project was still at an early stage, I was able to let go of many ideas that were blocking and stopping my work, though with their support I was encouraged to search even deeper into my ideas, with a new approach. I’m beyond grateful for these sessions, because at the end, their support made me believe in myself. “

Agustina Dos Santos Claro - Owner of U+1/A2

“The advisory sessions of Iman with Pia Rey were a sort of therapy session, were I was able to rediscover, refind, reconnect and redefine myself and my work. Pia was able to rapidly spot and put words to what was going on with my work. Sometimes the designer’s work is a lonely job and through that path you loose track and focus. These advisory sessions helped me to put words into what was confusing me about my label, to have a new perspective about my work and become conscious about the fact that nothing was lost.
Through Pia’s eyes, I was able to discover my strengths and identify what makes me different, things I wasn’t able to see for myself. The whole process was a revelation, it helped me find my own voice and specially my own trust.”


Sustainability, communication, design, project development, sustainable products, label’s creation and development.


We expect the participants to develop a collection for their label focusing on sustainable practices, carrying within and transmitting a strong and powerful message through their products and imagery.

Who is the service for?

- Designers who are looking to launch their own label with a sustainable focus.
- Beginner or Advanced projects.
- Established labels that need guidance on how to make their label sustainable.
- People from the fashion industry interested in knowing more about sustainable practices or guiding a sustainable project.

Languages available: English / Spanish

The method

The advisory sessions consist of 3 virtual meetings, 1.30 hours long, once a week.
It consists of a personalized follow up of every project that participates, including new concepts every meeting in a dynamic and practical way. Between each meeting we will suggest some exercises focus on developing each project, depending on the instance they are in.

Please note

Basic knowledge of fashion design is needed, both prototype making and software programs.

Mentor Description

Creative director of CHAIN, established sustainable referent label from Argentina. Winner of several contests and scholarships, she was acknowledged by VOGUE TALENTS as one of “The Next Green Talents” in 2018. Her work has been part of different showcases and runways in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, USA, Italy, England, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Costa Rica, Russia, Brazil and Japan.

Creative director of Nous Etudions, established vegan referent label of Argentina. It was the first Latinamerican label to become a finalist of the LVMH Prize, and was acknowledged by VOGUE TALENTS as one of “The Next Green Talents” in 2018. Her work has been part of different showcases and runways in Argentina, Chile, USA, Italy, England and France.

Fashion stylist and communicator referent of Argentina. She is a Talent Scouter of SouthAmerican designers for Vogue Italia’s Vogue Talents and a Sustainability Contributor for Vogue Mexico & Latinoamerica.

Specific Materials

Paper and pen to take notes during live session. Design software (Corel/AI/Photoshop). Specific materials needed for prototypes and samples.

Available dates


Package includes

Weekly online personalized guidance meetings over one month (3 meetings in a month) of 1.30 hs long.

Refund Policy

Cancellation Cost: 50% if cancelled one week before it starts.