How to create a Personal Statement that impacts?

Provider: Federica Levrero, coach and educational advisor in fashion, art and design

Specialist: Federica Levrero

Make your Personal Statement stand out from all the applications to a creative university. This is the chance to show your unique talents and experiences.

Price: US$ 100


Full description

A Personal Statement is a written speech, an opportunity to get noticed for your unique talents and experiences. This service will help you structure your academic and professional journey to connect it with what inspires you, what interests you and why you want to study the course you have chosen.


How to structure, what to include and how to narrate your Personal Statement to enter a creative university.


You will have a letter that answers: who are you and why you want to do the chosen program; what are your achievements, academic and professional journey; and what are your future plans, your aspirations.

Who is the service for?

This service is for students applying for a creative university.

Languages available: Spanish and English

The method

Once you have purchased the service, you will be sent a PDF guide on how to make your Personal Statement. You will have time to work on your Personal Statement and in the following 10 days, you will be able to schedule an individual session to receive feedback and recommendations.

Please note

This service is free of charge for students applying to our partner universities.

Mentor Description

Federica Levrero was born in Uruguay with a DNA signed by the cultural diversity of her French, German, Italian and Spanish roots, which are the base of her constant professional quest to promote cultural exchange and diversity. Federica studied Business Administration in ORT University in Uruguay and in 2003, she moves to Los Angeles to study Marketing and Advertising at UCLA. After that, she immersed in her family business in the travel industry where for 8 years, she explores different forms of tourism until 2012 she decides to specialize in travel for education exclusively. Since then, she has been an education consultant specialized in the areas of fashion, art and design. These are the foundations of her professional career that leads her to FAD Connection.

Specific Materials

Paper and pen to take notes during the online sessions.

Available dates


Package includes

Guide in PDF "How to write your Personal Statement" + one to one mentoring session of 60 minutes.

Refund Policy

If you are not able to arrange a meeting within 10 working days from the purchase date, you are entitled to full refund. If you want to cancel anytime in-between sessions you are entitled to a refund of the pending sessions.