Your Personal Brand Book

Provider: Federica Levrero & FAD Team

Specialist: Federica Levrero & FAD Team

How are you showing your knowledge, your experience, your joys and interests to the world? Whether it is to apply to a university, get a job or launch a project, it is important to have a visual presence aligned with your goals and values.

Price: US$ 270


Full description

This service helps you raise awareness about the importance of your personal brand, starting with defining and understanding the goal you want to achieve, defining your values, your interests and how these are reflected in your networks, your cv, LinkedIn, Behance and anywhere else where you have a physical or virtual presence.

You don't have to be an influencer to benefit from a personal brand. Regardless of what you do, developing a daily influence, showing your experience and your individuality will help you grow in your career. To identify your brand, start by asking yourself three questions: What part of your identity makes you unique? What are your values, the purpose that motivates your work? What skills are you bringing to the table? This is how your colleagues, friends, future employers and the board of the master you are applying to, see you.

This service has two face-to-face individual meetings plus a written report with improvements and suggestions.


Personal branding and social networks.


You will receive a personal brand book, a document with an analysis of the current state of your social networks and suggestions for improving them.

Who is the service for?

Anyone interested in improving their online presence, as well as people who want to improve their personal brand.

Languages available: Spanish and English

The method

Once you have purchased the service, you will be contacted to schedule the first meeting. This will be done within a period of 10 business days from the purchase.

Please note

The personal branding exercises must be completed by you prior to the meetings.

Mentor Description

Federica Levrero, coach and educational advisor in fashion, art and design, will guide the first two coaching meetings. Together with FAD Connection team, they will create a feedback report with suggestions and improvements.

Specific Materials

Paper and pen to take notes during sessions.

Available dates

TBD – virtual meetings

Package includes

The package includes two online sessions of 60 minutes each and a written analysis with practical improvement suggestions plus practical exercises.

Refund Policy

Cancellation cost: 50% if canceled one week before the start of the first session.