Baker Salon. BOOK

BOOK. By Ting Cheng

Publisher DPM editions City Taipei, Taiwan Year 2016 Pages [30] p. Cover Hardback - Board Edition Size 500

Ting Cheng

USD 30


Cheng Ting’s Baker Salon is a playful publication of photography that features braided hair interspersed with braided bread. Several different heads were employed, the individuals sometimes grouped or alone, always with one or more pieces of braided bread woven into their braided hair styles. Baker Salon includes a visual index of each participant’s name and the back of their head. It is printed on hard back-board, which lends a childlike aesthetic and added durability.


Taiwanese artist Ting Cheng, moved to London to study Photography at Goldsmiths College in 2010. She now works and lives in London and Taipei. She has been featured in numerous magazines and online media including Dazed Digital, Neon Magazine, and Bloomberg Businessweek. Her publications include “One and Two and Up and Down”, “Computer Says No” and “Baker Salon”. Her work has been exhibited across the globe in London (Saatchi gallery), Tokyo (Zen Foto Gallery), Sao Paulo (LOGO Gallery) and most recently at the 2018 Taiwan Biennial in National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Her early works constructed surreal encounters, and captured quirky daily life scenes with the lens. Recent works reflect the relationship between nature and the human, using sculpture and photography to side by side in an exhibition space, redefining the unique subtle existences in the daily environment.