Analía Sirabonian: a full guide to develop your portfolio

Embark on a guided journey to create a powerful portfolio

Three 1.5 hour meetings

Analía Sirabonian

USD 360


A portfolio is a visual presentation of a creative work. It involves telling a story, your story. Join us for three 1.5-hour sessions tailored to your creative path. Through enriching exercises and valuable exchanges, we’ll help you craft a personalized portfolio that not only embodies your story but also incorporates essential tips and strategies for portfolio building.Service aimed at reviewing portfolios in different fields such as fashion, product design, photography, graphic design, interior design, etc


Analía Sirabonian is an Artist, Portfolio advisor and Photographer. Analia’s works investigate the human body and its relationship with the world, format morphology and skin to its anthropological nature, materializing in a trans-disciplinary way and in various formats. In 2011, she finished her clothing design career at the University of Buenos Aires, where she experimented with photography and different digital manipulation techniques in addition to textiles. And in 2016 she completed the Masters in Visual Arts at Plymouth University.